Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lots of Pictures!

We hope your Christmas and New Years were full of love, laughter, and good times with friends and family. We had a wonderful Christmas with our families, and got to continue celebrating the weekend after at Michael and Emily's wedding. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Clemmons!!!

Syd and Lyd in the car Grammie and Pappie gave them for Christmas

Hugs all around in their cute matching monkey pjs

Drew enjoying Syd's play doh Christmas present:)

Short but SO SWEET visit with Roochita and Abhishek

Nana and Sydney in her new tent

The boys at the rehearsal dinner

Wedding day fun (I didn't take a single picture of the beautiful bride and groom...there are some on facebook if you're on there!)

Playing with foam

Millie was a vicitm of the foam fun

Playing in her beans...
Attempting to sled with Aunt KK


Holly Aytes said...

Sounds like y'all were busy! Love the picture of Millie...she looks so pitiful! Playing with foam is so much fun! You look great in the wedding pictures!

Katie said...

Hahaha that's a great pic that you put of me on there!!! Love those pictures of the wedding. Can't wait for your visit to Nash!

H Vest said...

That is such a great family picture of you guys!!! Sydney's dress in the wedding pics is beautiful!

Keely Hagan said...

Love all the pictures! Can't believe how big Lydia is looking! What beautiful girls you all have.